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Ayce Kyptyn Somatic Sexologist

Hey There,
I Knew You Were Curious!

You are here for a reason!

Your journey begins by getting curious with your authentic desires!

Ultimately, you have the choice to change your life's trajectory!


 $50 Off

What makes a difference in the quality of peoples lives?


Can you be present in this moment with what is?

Can you be alone and present with yourself?

Can you be present with others?

Are you able to be present right here, right now with whatever is happening in your life?

This became all too real for me the moment true strangers showed compassion to me in the darkest moments of my life. They met me exactly where I was and held space for all of me to exist.

And this is why I do what I do. Can you imagine a world where this is how we engaged with one another? I can, and it's beutiful!

We get too comfortable with the life we are living.

This doesn't mean it's great...

We simply get used to it.

And we often forget that we have the ability to change it!


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