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My Mission
My Story

My Mission

I’m on a mission to help trans individuals land in their bodies and experience more pleasure in their live’s. 

The transitioning process is hard.


Personally: I lost my job, family, community & health  in the process.


The reality is 33% or more of the trans community doesn’t have the resources of a typical American. This means they may not have a job, a home, health insurance or any supportive community. We don’t have the basic needs to thrive much less survive, as we often find ourselves loosing everything, as we transition.

If you’re interested in supporting my mission towards supporting transgender individuals going through the transitioning process hit me up and we can discuss what this may look like.

Ayce Kyptyn Erotic Blueprints Coach
Ayce Kyptyn Transgender Sex Coach

My Story 

Let’s get one thing straight, I am not. ​

I spent 38 years repressing who I was, because I believed I was wrong,  bad, broken, and sinful.

This mentality nearly killed me.

I lost my job, family, community, and health all in the matter of days. When my world came crashing in I decided to critically think about how I got to this space.

As I began to peel back the layers of hurt it became clear I was living according to everyone else’s terms. I had completely denied and abandoned myself.

It was in this moment that I decided to do a complete 180 in my life. I found my people and started a journey towards living my most authentic life. A major aspect of my life that I repressed centered around my sexuality: gender, expression, identity, and orientation.

This is when I made the decision to figure this out for me.

So, I hired a team of professionals: a therapist, a sex coach, and a doctor to help me unpack this.


Which lead to an intense two year journey of healing. I do what I do today, because of this. 


When all of you can exist, everything changes.



My Desire is to Invest in the Queer Community!

I have been doing this for 10+ years, and have learned that every client’s needs are different. I tailor my services to my clients the best I can, no one person will have the same journey.

snowy mountains


"Every meeting with Ayce has been phenomenal. I have learned alot about myself with their patient guidance. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and I would definitely recommend the experience!"

- Dylan, MI

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