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Let’s get one thing straight, I am not.

Trying to be straight was my phase.

I spent 38 years repressing who I was, because I believed I was wrong, bad, broken, and sinful.

This mentality nearly killed me.

I lost my job, family, community, and health all in the matter of days.

When my world came crashing in I decided to critically think about how I got to this space.

As I began to peel back the layers of hurt it became clear I was living according to everyone else’s terms. I had completely denied and abandoned myself.

It was in this moment that I decided to do a complete 180 in my life.

I found my people and started a journey towards living my most authentic life.

A major aspect of my life that I repressed centered around my sexuality. My gender, expression, identity, and orientation.

I was in a session with my therapist one day and she looked me dead in the eyes and said honey, you are not straight.

And it completely went over my head.

I said of course I am, I like men!

And she gently repeated herself: you are not straight.

And it hit.


I lived 38 years and not one person cared enough to ask or acknowledge who I truly was until I landed on a strangers couch.

This is when I made the decision to figure this out for me.

So, I hired a team of professionals: a therapist, a sex coach, and a doctor to help me unpack this.

Which lead to an intense two year journey of healing. I do what I do today, because of this.

When all of you can exist, everything changes. Everything.

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