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The Shift: Erotic Blueprints

You’re all probably wondering when I’d get to the epic part. Well, here it is. All the information before, was simply data for you to better understand my mind shift from missionary to missionary. Let the drum roll begin: After 20 years of adult life as a missionary, I decided I was worth it.

In the quest towards a healthy, vibrant sex life it became very evident that I had no idea where to begin. So, here’s where google became my ally. I spent countless hours searching. Because let’s be real, if I had waited this long for sex, what’s a few more hours spent making sure I pursued this in a healthy way. After a few days of searching the internet, I ended up giving up and mindlessly turned-on Netflix. They had started a new “weekend binge” where you could flip through things and land on content that could be fully viewed on a date night or over the weekend. Perfect. Scrolling through…scrolling. GOOP. If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch this, I invite you to spend an evening on the couch and binge it. Trust me it’s worth it. This was the first time that I had experienced true sexual education. It still blows my mind that it took 40 years, for me to stumble upon a healthy view of sex!

The Erotic Blueprints, which Jaiya from the show created, lays out a basic sexual framework that is simply mind-blowing. I remember thinking at the time, had I known this 20 years ago I wouldn’t have had to live such a repressed lifestyle! The premise is that we all have a primary erotic type. The options are: Energetic, sensual, sexual, kinky or shapeshifter. If you’d like to find out your primary type I encourage you to google it and take the free quiz.

Knowing that we all are erotic beings, and that the desires we all experience are totally normal was comforting. I finally could have compassion with myself and pursue the deeper longings I’ve been feeling for so many years!

Ayce Kyptyn Erotic Blueprints


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