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The Shift

We often don't think about the little details in life that can lead to really big issues down the road, until it's too late.

A bit of a silly example, which simply proves this point: a pebble in one's shoe. If someone were to put on a shoe, and there was a small pebble inside the effects could be catastrophic after a days hike in the wilderness.

I'd like to propose: much like an annoying pebble, are one's thoughts.

Negative self-talk may seem like a minor detail in ones day to day life, but after years, what's the outcome? Often these seemingly small phrases have monumental impact day after day. Lately, I've been challenged to shift my mindset, and it's been an incredibly humbling experience. For years, there's been this tiny voice telling me things that I subtly began to believe to be true. However, once I really thought about those replaying messages, they were actually falsehoods.

Untrue statements can wreak havoc in one's life! A mentor recently said "would you say the thoughts in your mind to another person?" And instantly my response was "No way! No one deserves to be treated that way." Which clearly proved the point.

What would change if we critically thought about messages we have on repeat within our minds? I believe that even the most subtle shift in mindset could have a dramatic impact on the trajectory of one's life.

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