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We offroad for fun, and know in more than one way, how it feels to be stuck in a rut! It can be frustrating as you attempt to navigate the situation. You try this and you try that, but nothing seems to work…a phrase commonly used in the offroad world is: never go alone. If you are alone, it can be catastrophic. But if you have a team of people with you, you can find the resources you need to get yourself out of the situation- nearly every time!

Early in 2022 I had: 1 major surgery, 1 career crisis, 1 major shift in close community, 1 relocation, 1 emergency surgery…5 major events, and only 1 of them was planned! Overwhelmed would be an understatement, my soul was crushed. So, I had a choice to make: would I retreat, or would I lean into the unknown?

That’s when my awakening happened.

In the midst of deep grief, I learned how to sit with the pain. I truly allowed myself to experience being present in the pain. It was hard. I cried a lot. I was angry! And then I found my community. It was in this community that my mental shift began to transform the feelings of immobilization into mobilization. Sometimes it takes a community of people: doctors, therapists, coaches, friends, family etc. to help us move forward. We were not meant to do life alone!

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