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We all can think back to a time in life where we sat on the sidelines. It may have been in the elementary schoolyard, on a middle school sports team, at a high school dance, college party, or maybe even in our careers. Living life on the sidelines can be incredibly painful.

The sad reality is that many of us get caught living our adult lives on the sidelines as well. There are countless reasons for this reality. However, As adults, we have the power to make our own decisions. Shocker I know! But, in all reality many of us don’t choose to live this way.

What do YOU really want?

When one does the inner work, to address the question of what one really wants in life, life begins to unfold in ways they could only have imagined to be true. We all have our own volition in life! As we begin to critically think upon the question of what we truly want, we begin to move past the limiting beliefs that hold us back in life.

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